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Houston caterer offers Catering, Creole Cuisine and Caribbean Cuisine
Houston Catering, Caribbean Cuisine and Creole Cuisine | Call: (713) 315-7072

Houston Wedding Catering

Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life. And a big part of that memorable day is choosing a menu to be enjoyed by all at the reception. If you are planning a wedding reception in the greater Houston and Sugar Land area, then Artis La Bonne Cuisine is the catering company of choice. We will efficiently help you plan a menu according to your taste and deliver exquisite and beautiful food. But our help doesn't end there! We will also supply and oversee the serving staff, dinner ware and any other item as required.


Artis La Bonne Cuisine has years of experience in offering the very best catering services for both small and large weddings. The quality of our food and the freshness of the ingredients we use is always our top priority. Nothing is too good for the newlyweds and their guests! Whether you are looking for an assortment of cocktail platters, hot or cold buffets or a seven service dinner menu, Artis La Bonne Cuisine will handle every last detail of your menu with passion and attentive care.


No menu is too simple or too complex for our talented chefs. From simple dishes to the most exotic and extravagant meal, we guarantee that your culinary experience will be anything but ordinary. We can even help you impress your guests with special features such as a chocolate fountain or edible center pieces. It's your big day, and we aim to make it exactly what you envisioned.


Of course, no wedding reception would be complete without a wedding cake. Our experienced pastry chefs are always eager to speak with the soon to be married couple to learn what type of cake they would like. This involves discussing taste, size, shape, color and accents. At Artis La Bonne Cuisine, we always welcome the challenge of creating beautiful and delicious food according to your unique desires.


Allow us to help you make the most of your wedding reception. If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and affordable catering service, do not hesitate to contact Artis La Bonne Cuisine today. We guarantee your satisfaction!